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Meeting the team

Tash Smith

Management team

With 3  years’ experience in operations management, Tash has great knowledge of the foundations of an NZ business, although new to property, is a great asset to the administration of our team. As the Administration Manager, Tash is primarily charged with ensuring the office is always running smoothly and that the Impression team has everything they need to service their clients.

Tash began her career at the airport as a customer service supervisor on the ground for Jetstar, moving on to Operations Manager, managing private jets and VIPs throughout New Zealand and Australia, her administration and organisational skills as well as her customer service skills from a budget airline through to people like Taylor Swift, are of a high standard and definitely seves Impression well.

Tash’s move to Impression was prompted by a change of lifestyle and a desire to work in the city with one of the largest growing markets in Auckland - property. She also admired Impressions business style and commitment to providing excellent service.

Tash has an ability to relate to people from all walks of life and to truly understand the meaning of putting clients first. Tash prides herself on being exceptionally organised and adept at multitasking. She thoroughly enjoys the opportunities her position allows to learn and develop professionally and personally.

There was this scorpion who wanted to get across the river and he asked the frog if he could get a ride on his back and the frong said, "no, because you will sting me," and the scorpoion said, "no I won't because if I do, we both die and I need to get to the other side." The frog thought this seemed fair, seems like a nice scorpion, and gave the scorpion a ride. Half way across, the scorpion stung the frog and as they're both drowning to their death the frog asked, "why'd you do that?"
"Because I am a scorpion! That's why!"
Moral: Sometimes you fall in love with scorpions because they're irresistible.
              - Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy, 2015​​​

Personal Info

  • Position Administration Manager
  • DDi 021 970 345
  • Mobile 021 1799 705
  • Email

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