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Selling a Volt ?

Posted by Impression on 14, Apr 2014

Case Study#9

Last week we sold a mid-level Volt apartment at 430 Queen Street for $247,000. 


This followed an offer of $246,500. At the same time, a higher-level apartment in the same position in the building was sold by another Company for $236,000.

We know that these apartments were, if not identical, then very similar, because we managed them both. Arguably, the higher level was more desirable. And yet it was sold for more than $10,000 less.

Moral of the story: If you want to sell your Volt Apartment, you should ask us to do it for you, ahead of other agencies. Our shop is in Volt. We have been involved with the building since it was completed in 2006.

We are Volt experts and we get good prices for Volt Apartments.

Simple, really

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