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A Word from Robert Hodgson

Posted by Impression on 22, Apr 2020

Aaron Tunstall is very busy at the moment, so he has asked me scribble a few words this week. My name is Robert Hodgson I was one of the founders of Impression and served as the Principal Officer for the last 20 years or so.

I have had 47 years in the Real Estate industry, I might even be one of longest serving, I don’t know, but what I do know is that these are extraordinary times, unprecedented in my experience. As a 23 year old I joined Barfoot & Thompson in Manurewa, Bob Clark was my manager, British army officer, served in India and you felt the need to stand to attention when he addressed you. Wonderful start for a young man and when I see the occasional breach of trust by my industry it saddens me. Bob would never allow any suggestion of sharp practise or deliberate untruths, everything was open and transparent, in his words “it’s the only way to live a life boy”.

If you have time to sit and observe like most do at the moment what you will observe is a fresh new attitude of people caring for people. If there was an upside to this virus thing it has to be people reassessing what is most important in their lives. Those are caring for neighbours, families becoming closer and yet living apart, and even a change in the political noise. It seems that people are simply saying “we know we are in trouble and although we don’t know how badly, the only way through this is to stick together, but not too close together”. I guess anything that brings people together is a good thing, eventually of course we know that life has to move forward, that’s the way of the world, it has to be that way, but right now its an ideal time for reflection and caring. Perhaps we should give thanks for the things that we once took for granted as well because I’m not sure we will return to what we once knew, not particularly worse, just different that’s all.

Back to Bob Clark, he was my idol and boys need an idol, I distinctly remember the day when I knew that I had discovered someone special. Bob was a Christian, but he never mentioned it. We were filing into a sales meeting one day and John Worthington (ex World War 2 fighter pilot) said in loud voice, because he was a bit deaf “So Bob Clark has come to town, I suppose we will be bringing our Bibles to the sales meeting now”. Unfortunately Bob was right behind him and said gently, “no John, you don’t have to bring your Bible to work, but if you brought the Bible in your heart that would be enough”. The room got very quiet all of a sudden but everyone became very aware that Bob had definitely come to town and nonsense would not be tolerated.

Robert Hodgson

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