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Are You On The Verge Of Burnout?

Posted by Impression on 26, May 2021

Around 11% of Kiwi workers are suffering from burnout, with another 20% dangerously close to burnout, according to research by AUT.

Burnout symptoms include anxiety, depression and issues like sleep problems and stomach pains. It’s most common among:

  • Those working in big firms with 50 or more employees.
  • Managers.
  • Those aged under 30.
  • Essential workers (the research was conducted in mid-2020).

Burnout also has a financial impact, according to Sorted. The stress of burnout means we make financial decisions based on quick fixes and retail therapy, rather than thinking about our long-term goals and budgets.

“There’s no time to plan the future because today we’re running on empty, and our money continues to leak down the drain without us even knowing where it goes.”

For more on the symptoms of burnout, ways to treat it and where to get help, John Kirwan’s Mentemia site has a helpful guide.

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