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Effective Tenant Vetting Makes Social Housing Work

Posted by Impression on 29, Dec 2021

Auckland’s CBD is now home to a wide range of social housing projects providing accommodation to beneficiaries. These can be a popular choice for property investors who want to know that the rent will be paid, because benefits don’t stop for lockdowns, they keep on funding the beneficiary’s rent and living costs. 

The flipside to that certainty is that social housing tenants have been causing some issues in the CBD, leading to a higher crime rate and some instances of antisocial behaviour. It can be stressful for owners, tenants, and property managers who have to deal with these issues.

The key to ensuring your social housing tenancy runs smoothly happens at the very first stage – vetting the tenants. There are so many different types of people living in social housing, and the majority are considerate, cooperative tenants who will respect your property. By thoroughly vetting your prospective tenants in the early stages, we can filter out anyone with a track record for troublesome behaviour. The Impression team is highly experienced at checking backgrounds and identifying reliable tenants; it’s not a guarantee of a great tenant, but it can reduce your risks substantially.

Even if you’re not an Impression management client, we can provide tenant vetting as a standalone service, so get in touch if you’d like to know more by calling 0800 IMPRESS or emailing us today.

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