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Landlords Fined $6000: Don’t Let It Happen To You

Posted by Impression on 28, Aug 2019

A Masterton couple have been fined $6000 for seizing their tenant’s property.

This is surprisingly common for DIY landlords – when your tenant leaves their belongings behind and they owe you rent, it feels logical to hold onto the tenant’s items until they pay you the arrears. Unfortunately, just because something feels logical, doesn’t mean it’s permitted under the Residential Tenancy Act. You can’t keep your tenant’s possessions even if they owe you money. (You can’t make them get the carpet professionally cleaned, either.)


That’s why it’s helpful to have a professional team of property managers to look after your tenants and your property. We spend a lot of time every year keeping up with the legal requirements for tenants and landlords, so our owners don’t have to.

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