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Meth House For The Block 2018

Posted by Impression on 30, Nov 2017

The Block continues to reflect Auckland’s changing housing market – this time before the series even begins. The latest location for the very popular DIY show is a meth-contaminated former boarding house, described as “uninhabitable” by the agency that sold it.

Dealing with the issues caused by methamphetamine contamination is one more way that The Block keeps showcasing what’s happening in the market.

Earlier this year Housing NZ announced that nearly 400 of its houses were unliveable due to high meth levels, and while scientists say the dangers are overstated, buyers are very wary of anything but the barest trace of meth on a test. The testing and decontamination industry has come under fire for inconsistency and unprofessionalism, with clean-up costs on one rental priced at $700 by one company and $14,000 by another.

At Impression, we have trained our team to look for clues to drug use, and we’ve identified a legitimate test that stands up in court, which costs $260 + gst each year, no matter how many times you use it. We recommend you take advantage of this system to test between tenants, so you can demonstrate that you’re striving to keep your property clean. If you do get a positive result, it also means you know which tenant it was, so they can’t claim it was from a previous occupant. We’re doing everything we can to keep our tenants – and your property – safe.

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