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Pets In Apartments? No? Yes!

Posted by Impression on 30, Aug 2018

Smelly, hairy and destructive: many landlords hate the idea of pets in their rentals.

Most body corporates ban pets in apartment buildings, which means apartment tenants rarely get to own pets. Increasingly, however, pets are being seen as a fundamental part of life, even a right for tenants: they can provide companionship, relaxation, exercise and mental health benefits.

The advantages of allowing pets, from a landlord’s perspective, are:

  1. Your property will be in hot demand, so you get to choose a great tenant.
  2. You can charge more rent. In Auckland, that’s usually about $30 to $70 more per week for each pet: between $1,560 and $3,640 per year.
  3. Tenants tend to stay longer. Because it’s hard to find places to rent when you have a pet, tenants have an extra incentive to remain in a pet-friendly rental. For the same reason, they often put in more effort to maintain the property.

Looking to buy a property that accepts pets? This year has seen an upsurge in interest in having pets in apartments and developers are rising to the challenge. Several new buildings now permit occupiers to have small dogs or cats in their apartments, like this beautiful luxury penthouse we have for sale in the stunning Skyview building in the city centre, as well as the Queens Square building. Give us a call and we can help you find a pet-friendly apartment to live in or rent out.

If you’re considering taking in pets, you need to make sure you’re mitigating the risks. When we manage a property that accepts pets, we help our owners to add a pet clause to their tenancy agreement, do plenty of checks and take the maximum bond. Talk to our property management team for more details.

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