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Pets In Rentals: Can It Work?

Posted by Impression on 10, Jul 2018

No pets! That’s the rule in most New Zealand rental properties, making it tough for tenants with pets to find accommodation.

Apartment buildings are notorious for being pet-free zones – even if you, as the owner, decided to allow your tenant to keep a cat or dog, the body corporate committee would probably overrule you. You may be able to apply for permission, but as this recent case demonstrates, you won’t necessarily get it. Always check whether pets are allowed before buying an apartment if this an important issue for you.

When it comes to houses, landlords usually prefer a ‘no pets’ policy due to the smell, shedding and damage caused by pets. However, those landlords who do accept pets are often pleased with the outcomes. Tenants will stay longer when they can keep their dog, and they’ll pay more, between $20 and $50 extra a week depending on the house and the pet. If you think your property could work with a pet, consider the pros and cons – talk to one of property managers for a second opinion.

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