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Top Tips For A Facelift Between Tenants

Posted by Impression on 25, Sep 2019

If your property has an outgoing tenant at the end of the year ...


Now is the time to start organising a makeover while the property is vacant. With vacancies so low, you’ll probably only have a week between tenants at the most, but that’s the perfect time to think about how to freshen up your property for the year ahead.

Quick and cost-effective changes can include:

  • Repainting: makes the whole place feel new at a reasonable price.
  • New carpet: expensive but makes a dramatic improvement.
  • Comprehensive professional cleaning: if you’re not getting new carpet and paint, at least make sure the existing carpet and paint are as sparkling clean as possible.
  • Replacing light switches and door handles: these touchpoints are cheap to upgrade but make a big difference.

Bigger upgrades to the kitchen or bathroom need more time, but any of the jobs above can be done in five days. However, you’ll need to line up the tradespeople now: your biggest challenge is likely to be getting quotes and pinning people down for the exact dates. Here at Impression, we have our own tradespeople who work with our property management clients, so if you’re stuck, you can always get in touch and we may be able to help.

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