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TripAdvisor For Rentals And Landlords

Posted by Impression on 12, Oct 2017

Two new websites launched last month that rate landlords and rental properties aiming to become similar to TripAdvisor rentals. is a local site where tenants can give a star rating to a property for its location, warmth, dampness, and how quickly problems are addressed by the landlord or property manager. is an international site that launched in New Zealand, London and Australia, and also wants to build up a database of rental ratings.

TradeMe’s head of property, Nigel Jefferies, told Stuff, "The tricky part for these sites will be maintaining accurate feedback and having appropriate means in place when disputes between landlords and tenants arise. The vast majority of landlords are very conscientious and diligent so a review site is probably good for them, and possibly a worry for the minority of poor landlords."

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