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When is the best time to look for an apartment to rent?

Posted by Impression on 07, Oct 2015

Only 78 sleeps to go until Christmas…


It can be a bit disheartening if you are competing against lots of other people to rent a future home. As a property management company in the inner city,  we often get asked by potential tenants when the best time to look for an apartment to rent is.

The apartment market is a micro climate of the larger rental market in Auckland, and we find there are definite seasonal booms.

In November and December students renting the apartments tend to move out and go back home for their Christmas holidays. Because of this, there is more supply to choose from and much less competition for good apartments if you are looking to move in somewhere. You may even be able to negotiate “holiday rent” for the period of December, which is a reduced rental rate for a short period if you move in before Christmas!

In contrast, come the second week of January the market booms in the city. The students arrive back for the start of the university semester and the market gets HOT. This is when we can have up to 50 people at one viewing, and just about as many applications. Because of this, the rental rates increase, and it is generally a little stressful for people house-hunting under time pressure. More often than not, we end up getting the brunt of people’s frustrations! At Impression we try especially hard to help everyone to find a home, but the reality is sometimes that during those busy periods we have too many people for properties.

Our recommendation would be to house hunt before Christmas, even if this means you are paying for a couple of extra weeks! It will pay for itself easily in terms of reduced stress and reduced rental rates.

Should you be interested in renting a property through us before December, please contact our dedicated letting team and let them know you will be a “Pre-Christmas renter”. They will be more than happy to help you find a great property to rent in the city.



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