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Will Auckland get a rental WOF scheme?

Posted by Aaron Tunstall on 06, Sep 2017

Last week Wellington launched its voluntary WOF scheme for rental properties. Each property needs to meet 29 criteria including heating, insulation, ventilation, structural stability and sanitation. A property must pass every category to get its WOF, which will last for three years; the process costs $250.

Will Auckland follow suit?

Efforts to make sure landlords insulate properties date back to 2007 and the idea of a rental WOF has been gathering momentum over time. It’s quite possible that a rental WOF is going to become compulsory nationwide, in the same way that commercial buildings usually need to have a BWOF (building warrant of fitness).
Apartments tend to be warmer and drier than standalone homes, but if the rental WOF becomes a nationwide scheme it will increase the cost of owning all types of rental property. A good property manager will be more valuable than ever, because we will manage and administer a property’s WOF on behalf of the owner every three years. Would your property pass its WOF?

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