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Yes, We Should Have Rules For Property Managers

Posted by Impression on 01, Oct 2018

Like most property managers who take pride in their work, I am totally in favour of regulating the industry. Whenever a story appears in the media that showcases a terrible property manager, it makes us all look bad, which is infuriating.

Usually, the property manager who’s getting the bad press has failed to do even the most basic of tasks properly. It can seem like the media is constantly on the case of landlords and property managers, but without the attention, there wouldn’t be any impetus for this clean-up of the industry.


It’s easy for the media to demonise landlords, and everyone seems to think property investors are all rolling in cash. Most are normal Kiwis trying to get ahead in life – you’re probably one of them. The majority of landlords own just one or two properties and they are often ‘accidental’ landlords. Few people can afford to support their rental properties without any rent coming in. If the rent stops it puts them from being able to make the necessary changes to their properties to get them up to a good standard. If they end up selling, we may find our summer rental crisis becomes all-year-round pandemonium.


I would love to see the government get behind the industry instead, and say, ‘We need to improve this for investors, tenants and property managers because we recognise we are behind the times compared to the rest of the world. Help us to get this right.’ If the Labour government delivered these changes cleverly, they could win over an entire industry and a bunch of Kiwi investors trying to save for a better retirement. I think they would then ease into the next election.


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