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A makeover can really pay off in your property

If you've got a property that hasn't been refurbished for several years, here's just a few things you could be missing out on.
Higher Rents

A run-down property won't easily command the top of the market rent range.

Better Tenants

Even if your refurbishment doesn't increase the rent, it will make your property more desirable, giving you more choice among prospective tenants and letting you select a more responsible renter.

Longer Tenancies

A smart-looking property makes your tenant feel well looked after and less likely to be seduced away by a newer property.

Reduced Damage

As any experienced property manager will tell you, the more well-presented your property is, the more respectfully it tends to be treated.

One of the advantages of owning a property is the way you can do a major makeover on a relatively small budget
Auckland is booming!

With so many new buildings coming onto the Auckland market in the next year or two, tenants are going to have more choice than ever.

If you continue to ignore your rental property and let it grow increasingly shabby, you may find yourself struggling with either vacancies or, more likely, lower rents and lower quality tenants.

And if you're selling

Of course, if you're selling your property a makeover becomes an imperative. The returns are simply too good to ignore.

Make more with your investment!

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