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Meeting the team

Ethan Huo

Sales team

Ethan is your negotiation expert! During his first year in Real Estate, he sold one property every 10days!

Ethan provides strategic marketing and transaction management services to his sellers and buyers. As the new real estate industry evolves to become more innovative, built on Dedication, Determination, Trust, and Communication, he has abilities to cater to all of your real estate needs to ensure you feel confident in your decision to hire him. Ethan understands in any negotiation, listening is the key to achieve the best value. Combined with strong sales and negation skills, his clients often describe him as proactive, creative, and hard-working, his knowledge and experiences can assist with all your residential real estate endeavours.


Ethan is also multi-lingual and is more than able to adapt to different cultures, he is specialised in closing in negotiation. Please feel welcome to give Ethan a ring for your real estate needs




Ethan为卖方和买方提供战略性营销和交易管理服务。随着新的房地产行业的不断改变,Ethan在决心,信任和沟通的基础上发展为更具创新性,他有能力满足您所有房地产需求,以确保您对雇用他的决定充满信心。 Ethan在任何谈判中都明白,倾听是实现最佳价值的关键。结合强大的销售和谈判技巧,他的客户经常将他形容为积极进取,富有创造力和勤奋工作,他的知识和经验可以为您的所有住宅房地产事业提供帮助。


Ethan 精通英文和中文,并且能够适应不同的文化,他擅长于结束谈判。请欢迎为您的房地产需求给Ethan打个电话


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